What is an Antibe anyway?

Ask ten people how to pronounce ‘Antibe’ and you’ll likely get about ten different answers (well ok, maybe 4). It’s not a real word, not a location, not even a Sanskrit word meaning something profound like ‘those who work hard and succeed’. So why, do you ask, would we name and brand the company something so potentially… unforgettable?

The company, founded years ago by my father, Dave Rogers, was started in a time when his life was surrounded by a whole lot of women. That’s right, in the prime of his career as a Mechanical Engineer and large-scale Project Delivery Executive, he got to come home every night to the house with his wife, two daughters, mother and often other female relatives. I like to think that he named the company Antibe because we, his wife and two daughters, were just the most important things to him at the time, but in all likelihood it was because we were just there so much when he was starting out. So alas, Antibe was born: An, after my mother Ann; Ti, after myself Tina; and Be, after my sister Beth. It may not have been the most SEO friendly company name (but hey, this was 10 years before Google), but in the throes of a chaotic house, a busy career, and a new business, the name Antibe was made.

The beginning of Antibe...
The beginning of Antibe…

Over the years Antibe has taken various forms as a company, and recently has relaunched as a group of highly experienced professionals focused on large-scale project delivery for large clients. The core team is made up of trusted colleagues of my dad, Dave’s, from his years at IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers – people who have worked together for a number of years and know how to deliver exceptional work. This blog is going to be a space for that team to share their experiences, both personal and professional, and for us to share the latest from the industry. So follow along here, or on LinkedIn or Google+, as we see what kind of trouble we can get up to.

Oh, and it’s pronounced [an-ti-bee].


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