Team Swift …. The adventurous Brits with some tagalong Canucks ….

When I’ve mentioned to people over the last number of months that I’m off to Bonneville Speedweek, many have commented that they saw that movie about the old guy from New Zealand! That’s right …. this is the same adventure where Anthony Hopkins portayed Burt Munro in the “World’s Fastest Indian”.

The passion, the bike, the mechanical and driving ability all comes in the form of Stuart Swift …. better known as Smiler. Smiler’s brother, also known as Swifty, may be better known to many of you reading this as Ian Swift, a friend and colleague who worked for many years with PwC and IBM in Victoria, and who recently returned to the UK along with his family, his bikes and an AC Cobra!

The happenchance meeting that got the Canucks involved, was an opportune email that I sent to Ian saying that Ann and I would be ending a cruise in Portsmouth and if he were around, would he and Kathyrn like to meet for coffee. The timing and travel gods worked out and we met for coffee where Ian mentioned he and his brother were off to Bonneville in the summer of 2014. Of course, I said right then and there that I’d love to go and watch them as good friend Mike Cameron and I had discussed this as a trip we’d both like to take someday. Further correspondence and the opportunity to be part of the pit crew was offered by Smiler …. And I signed up Mike and I without even checking with him!

So there it is …. Team Swift …. Stuart and family, Ian and family, Mike and myself. We are off on an excellent adventure with the guys feeling really great to have the support and blessings of our spouses – Vicki, Kathryn, Laurett and Ann.

To keep the pictures coming, here’s a picture of a young Smiler with his first bike …

Young Stuart

And here he is recently posing on the Bonneville bike.

Stuart on Aprilia

Over the last number of months, Smiler has rebuilt the bike several times, tested it, packed it up and shipped it to Victoria. It’s now safely in the hands of Mike and Dave and ready to transport to Bonneville in early August. We are well into all of the paperwork required to transport bikes and equipment through three countries on two continents and to have everything and everyone come together on August 7th to test our mettle!!

If you want to learn a little more about Bonneville Speedweek and setting speed records on the salt flats, here’s a link

More updates to come …..

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