A parking lot engine overhaul …..

When we gathered on Tuesday evening, Stuart confirmed that he thought he should change the crankshaft before running the bike, as he’d felt some vibrations the last time he’d ridden it. He didn’t have a chance to do it in the UK before the bike was shipped to Canada, but felt it should be done before attempting any type of speed run. So bright and early on Wednesday morning, Mike and I set up our “pit” in the motel parking lot …

IMG_2135 Wed

When Ian and Stuart arrived, out came the bike and we got to work. Mike and I certainly would never consider trying to do a complete engine overhaul in one day, especially in a parking lot, but we were certainly willing to help as much as we could.

IMG_2137 Wed

The bike came apart piece by piece and before long … the engine was sitting on the bench and starting to come apart.

IMG_2141 WedIMG_2145 Wed

IMG_2147 Wed

And when the crankcase was split apart …. A problem was spotted … oil sitting where it shouldn’t be ….

IMG_2151 Wed

A couple of tiny check valves were found to be faulty, replaced and the new crank prepped to be put in.

IMG_2155 Wed

After a brief break for lunch, the rest of the pit crew arrived. Here we have Kathryn, Ian and Mike …

IMG_2166 Wed

And here is Stuart, Vicki and Lewis ….

IMG_2167 Wed

All of us obviously working very hard watching Stuart!!!

With the engine back together and mounted back in the bike, we seemed to be making pretty good progress. One of the questions we had been discussing all day long was how and where to run the bike before getting to the salt flats, in order to break in the engine as necessary. With the bike legally registered in the UK and insured properly, we thought we should ask the local constabulary whether we would be ok to ride it on the local streets and highways. A visit to the local police station caused some head scratching but later in the day we had a visit from a very friendly Tooele Police officer informing us that we should be ok to ride as long as the bike met the legal requirements from the country in which it was registered. The officer was very friendly and wished us luck in our endeavours. He allowed us to take his picture with the bike but asked us not to post it. Smart man !!!

As with any mechanical process, the going back together seemed to take much longer than the coming apart and the rebuild continued into the evening. A late afternoon and early evening lightning and thunderstorm had us finishing a few tasks in the back of the trailer before shutting down for the night.

IMG_2168 WedIMG_2171 Wed

IMG_2185 Wed

Final bike assembly and first trip to the salt flats to be continued on Thursday morning. …. Although we did hear today that the pit area on the track was under water due to recent rains !!! We’ll see what that might mean tomorrow …

PS: I did manage to capture a video of the lightning storm but haven’t figured out how to post it yet ….

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