Final Prep Week – the bike and equipment

So after many months of emails, phone calls, government forms, dealing with shippers and trying to think of all the things required, we are down to the final week of prep and getting ready to leave. Smiler shipped the key spare parts for the bike when he packed everything up a couple of months ago, but you can never remember everything … hence a spare crank for the engine managed to fly in his luggage this past weekend to join its friends in Bonneville.


The Canucks have been gathering up all of those bits and pieces and tools and oil and sealants and ramps and stands and …. you get the idea!

We think we’re all ready to go but no doubt we’ll have forgotten something and will be visiting some parts store in the US. Also trying to remember that we’ll be spending many hours every day in the extreme heat of the salt flats and need to hydrate and feed everyone for a week or more. It’s been suggested that every person will likely drink 12-15 bottles of water every day!! That doesn’t even count the obligatory beers in the evening when we’re telling stories and writing blogs!!

Here’s what it looks like to pull together a team and pit for an attempt at setting a world speed record!

The bike – the showpiece. This is one beautiful machine and Smiler should be extremely proud, regardless of results achieved. Some pictures:

In race trim:




On the street in the UK:


Loaded in the trailer with my Honda 125 “Pit Bike”:


The Gear ….. all of the bits and pieces gathered together for inventory …



and Loaded in the Trailer …



Ready to Go …..


And so we’re off ….. updates and pictures to one …

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