Friday – an impromptu road trip

Here’s the status report we saw on Thursday evening:

Course Condition Update

Salt Report Thurs Aug 7th

After reviewing the conditions, it appears that the courses are drying and we expect continued improvement. The board has decided to start site cleanup on Saturday Aug 9.

Participants will be allowed onto the salt Sunday for pit selection and inspection. We hope to begin racing on Monday Aug 11, based on course conditions.

The news on Thursday evening that registration was delayed to Sunday was frustrating to say the least. However, for those that know me well, I woke up in the morning thinking of the opportunity that had just presented itself!! An impromptu road trip ….

As some background …. I had purchased a 1991 Ducati a number of months ago and have been trying to find numerous parts in order to get it back to original and be able to register it as a collector bike in BC in 2016.  The only place I was having any luck was on eBay but prices have been quite expensive. Recently I found a bike that was the twin of the bike I had, but it included all of the original parts that I required. As I mentioned to Ann, I was going after a parts bike, but in fact it might be in better shape than the one I had. After promising to sell one of them if I did buy the second one, I ended up buying the second Ducati from another old bike guy in Los Angeles. Plans for this Bonneville trip included a route home through LA to pick up the bike.

You guessed it … the impromptu road trip was from Tooele, Utah to Los Angeles, California to pick up the bike in my truck, which would save a couple of thousand kilometers pulling the trailer. I mentioned it to Mike early on Friday morning and he was in. We confirmed with Team Swift that we would be back by Saturday night in order to go to the salt flats on Sunday morning for registration.

A quick email to the seller to confirm he’d be there if we showed up, and we were on our way. Thanks to 80 mph speed limits in Utah and 75 mph in Nevada and California, we didn’t have to speed much at all!!

The picture below is the first sighting of Las Vegas as we drove in from the north.

IMG_2213 Fri

Here’s the Bellagio in daylight on our way south.

IMG_2225 Fri

The highway from Las Vegas was crazy busy on a Friday evening  and check out the outside temperature and speed in that traffic.

IMG_2231 Fri

IMG_2229 Fri


And of course … we hit LA about 6pm in rush hour traffic and we crawled across north LA to get to Woodland Hills.

IMG_2232 Fri

Picking up the bike went very smoothly, all paperwork was in order and we managed to load up in about an hour. The only issue was that the seller’s dog, didn’t like me pushing the bike down his driveway and jumped up and nipped me in the back of the leg. I guess he thought I was stealing the bike! Being biker guys, we had to take a few minutes to talk bikes, and the gentleman uncovered and showed us two very unique bikes he had…. A 1971 Norton Commando and a 1969 BSA Rocket 3 … very cool.

IMG_2234 Fri

IMG_2236 Fri

After a quick refuel of the bodies and a little coffee, we decided we would drive as far back towards Tooele as we felt comfortable driving before stopping. So here’s the Bellagio again as we went back through Las Vegas.

IMG_2248 Fri

This one’s a bit blurry of the sunrise …. We were probably a bit blurry then too.

IMG_2250 Fri


We switched out driving on the way back, and even though the driving shifts got shorter and shorter, we made it back safely on Saturday morning. Total trip was about 2250 km in 26 hours. And the reason for the trip …

IMG_2254 Fri

In the meantime, the rest of Team Swift drove out to Wendover to check out the action and to confirm the timing of registration. They confirmed the water on the salt flats but had a good day looking at all of the vehicles and bikes that had arrived. Here’s a look at the salt flats covered in water.

Salt Fri


And then the bad news hit ….. before grabbing a nap after the 26 hour road trip, we checked the website for the status and it hit us front and centre ….


Salt Report SAT Aug 9th

The SCTA Board is currently on the salt, and has determined that the standing water will not dry in time for us to hold our annual Speed Week event. The Board is also discussing the possibility of extending our next event - 
World Finals (Sep 30 – Oct 3) into a full week of racing as a sort of delayed Speed Week. We Thank You all for your patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

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