Saturday – Catastrophe – a complete change of plans …

We were in shock. We had anticipated all sorts of issues that we might have with the equipment, the bike, the heat, the weather, etc but we had NEVER considered that the event would be cancelled. We spent several hours trying to confirm whether it was true and checked many other websites and facebook pages to see if it could be confirmed. As the day wore on it became obvious that it was true. Everything was cancelled. It was very hard to absorb.

This is the picture posted on the Speedweek website:


The rest of the day dragged on …. Mike and I had a quick nap and we all decided to meet up for the Team Swift dinner that we had planned to do. We decided we wanted a family type meal and ended up going to Applebee’s. Although the atmosphere was ok and the Coronas were good, the menu didn’t have much for our vegetarian driver to eat. The highlight of the meal came when Vicki was ID’d in order to get her beer.  Considering one of the reasons for the vacation was to celebrate her 50th birthday, the shock on her face when the young man asked for both her son’s ID and hers was well worth the meal … although I wasn’t quick enough to take a picture!!

As the cancellation sunk in, we discussed what to do next. Stuart definitely wanted to get the bike to the Bonneville Speedway sign in order to get some pictures. He also wanted to ride the bike into Wendover, so we planned out our Sunday. We’d all go to the salt flats with the bike and take some pictures….. post to follow.

4 thoughts on “Saturday – Catastrophe – a complete change of plans …

  1. Ooohhh. So sorry Dave. Serious disappointment. But I know that you will use that Canadian resolve to make the most of the trip in any case. And you will come back with more bikes than you left with, which is always a good thing

  2. Congratulations on your attempt!!! Jeeezzz… changing a crank on the road… even the pros don’t do that…. clearly you had all those controllable things that can be organized, well organized and thought out… seems appropriate for a bunch of experienced project managers!!!! Now in terms of uncontrollables.. seems the weather reinforced what is at the top of that list!! Has this ever happened in the 50 or so years these events have been run???
    I sure see lots of positives with all your logistics that I hope you guys will build on that and signup for another attempt when the Fall races are run… I’ve heard these events can be quite additive!!!

    Continued success!!!!


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