Sunday – the bike meets the Speedway

After our shocking Saturday when we learned of the cancellation, we started off Sunday with a little more enthusiasm for the trip to the salt flats with the bike. Of course, nothing is simple. Early in the morning, as we were loading the bike into the truck for the 90 mile trip, we heard someone calling to us from the upper level of the motel. An elderly lady was calling for help for her friend who had fallen and couldn’t get up. Team Swift to the rescue …. Indeed her friend, also an elderly lady, was on the floor and unable to get up. She wasn’t injured so no medical intervention required. We helped her up, got her sitting comfortably and made sure she was able to stand up from the chair. Good deed of the day … check!

We finished loading the bike and headed out on the 90 minute trip to Wendover and the Bonneville Speedway. On the way, we passed this interesting “item” on the side of the road … can’t figure out whether it has some function or just looks cool.

IMG_2271 Sun

As we approached the turnoff to the Speedway, you could start to see the water lying beside the road and we started to recognize why everything had been cancelled.

IMG_2277 Sun

We unloaded the bike just as we exited the highway so Stuart could ride it out to the sign.

Ian photo2

IMG_2280 Sun

And here it is … the sign at the end of the pavement where one would normally drive onto the salt flats …. Note the water!!

IMG_2288 Sun

We managed to park the bike in front of the sign for a few pictures …

IMG_2294 Sun

Including the “World’s Fastest Yorkshireman” ….

IMG_2298 Sun

IMG_2300 Sun

And all of Team Swift ….

IMG_2302 Sun

Then a few more pictures of the bike …

IMG_2304 Sun

The Canucks …

IMG_2311 Sun Canucks

The Brits …

IMG_2329 Sun Brits

And the bike again …

IMG_2330 Sun

As we mingled with the group of people at the edge of the salt flats, we definitely realized that we weren’t alone in our disappointment in the cancellation. As an example, here’s a couple of pictures of Hans Devos’ bikes that he brought from Belgium. A great sample of very gorgeous old bikes that he restores and sells. He planned to be the first Belgian to ride at Bonneville Speedway and with the oldest motorcycle!! You can check out his story at his website:

IMG_2263 Sun other

IMG_2261 Sun other

Also spotted in the parking lot on their way home are two of the big names in speed records. Here’s Danny Thompson’s Challenger 2 which he’d hoped to break 500mph this year. Danny is the son of famous racer Mickey Thompson. His website is

IMG_2279 Sun other

Also pushing to run 500 mph is Team Vesco with the Turbinator II.  If you want to see what it looks like inside a car doing 400+ mph, go to Team Vesco’s website and check the “Take a Ride in Turbinator II” video.

IMG_2335 Sun

IMG_2336 Sun other


IMG_2337 Sun other

Amazing to see these great cars sitting in a gas station parking lot, completely open and anyone can walk up to them and look inside or take pictures. To illustrate how much water was actually on the salt, here’s a couple of shots of a truck and trailer that had been on the salt before the rains, crossing the water to get back to dry land. No question that they made the right decision to cancel the event this year!

IMG_2285 Sun

IMG_2287 Sun

IMG_2289 Sun


Also a little wading in the water to show how deep it is!!

Ian photo1

We followed up this trip to the salt flats with a ride into Wendover, Utah and Nevada! Where we had a quick lunch and headed back to Tooele to start loading for the trip home.

IMG_2338 Sun

IMG_2377 Mon

After we finished loading the trailer, we had some very emotional goodbyes as the Canucks were heading out the next morning for home and the Brits were off to Las Vegas for a few days… overall … huge disappointment that we were unable to chase the speed record but great camaraderie and saw some great sites and met some very interesting people. Will definitely be planning a trip back.

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