Thursday – Mother Nature rules…

So the big storm we saw Wednesday night has done a number on the course. We woke this morning to news that the start had been delayed a day and registration would start Friday and racing on Sunday. This actually gave us a chance to get the bike finished and do some road tests.

IMG_2188 Thur

Stuart went through all of the set-up on the bike and made sure everything was ready to go. As you can see …. A thumbs up …

IMG_2193 Thur

He slid into the racing leathers and headed out onto the back roads of Utah to run in the engine and to see how it felt. Although he didn’t want to chance getting a serious speeding ticket and getting the bike impounded, he did manage to find a nice straight stretch of road with no traffic and ran the engine up close to redline in third gear …. That produced a speed of 107 mph with a couple of gears left to go !!!

IMG_2198 Thur

The results of the run showed up on the spark plugs … for those of you who can read a plug, you’ll see that the bike is running quite rich. This provides the opportunity to rejet the carbs and produce even higher power (and speed!!)

IMG_2205 Thur

So we had a good day, loaded the bike into the trailer ready to head out to the salt flats on Friday morning to register and set up the pit area.

And then we checked the website for an update … the course was still not drying and registration was delayed to Sunday with racing possibly starting on Monday …. Very frustrating ….

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