GetSmart specializes in working with talented and experienced personnel that are experts in many areas. Our primary business focus is on IT and Program Administration but we have also helped several businesses fill specialist roles in a variety of fields.

Information Technology (IT)

Let us help you decide how best to use information technology (IT) in achieving your business objectives. We can provide support in the following areas:

Strategy & Change Implementation

We provide support for organizational transformation, process improvement, and change management and communications. GetSmart helps organizations develop strategies to achieve goals and define needs.

Full Life Cycle Project Delivery

From concept to delivery, we produce high-quality work at every step of the project life cycle, including planning, development, testing, and deployment.

Package & Systems Implementation

We work with you to determine the best option for your specific needs and then develop or configure the right software system. Our experienced team of architects, specialists and developers ensure quality customized systems.

Implementation of a product provided by an associated company. Example – Pictus Software

Application Maintenance & Support

We will manage and monitor your core business applications to ensure operations run smoothly and any issues are identified before they can impact the business.

Quality Assurance & Testing

With a focus on quality assurance we recognize and ensure that appropriate testing and reviews are conducted at all stages of a project lifecycle.

Program Administration & Management

Our experts can take the lead in handling all the day-to-day details for your organization. We can provide support in operations, communications, finance, and admin related duties.

Communications & Marketing

We can work with you to determine the level of communications and marketing support you need and then develop an integrated strategy to achieve results. Our team members have years of experience in marketing, public relations, social media, digital marketing and more.

Financial Management

Controllers are responsible for the accounting and record keeping of an organization but they are also so much more. The Controller oversees all aspects of a business – from finances to operations – and ensure the financial and regulatory compliance of the Company.

Program Administrators

Our Program Administrators can help plan, direct and coordinate a particular program or service for your organization. We have years of experience filling this important for companies in a variety of different industries and sectors.

General Administration Support

From general clerical tasks, such as drafting documents and answering telephones, as well as administrative jobs, including scheduling and project management, the GetSmart team can help fill in any gaps you may have.